Vitamins v. Supplements: What’s the Difference?

In this post, we want to explain what these two terms mean. This is not merely an exercise in wordplay­; as you’ll learn after reading through the post, there is an important distinction in terms of the huge impact that supplements can play in practicing preventative healthcare. And that’s really what vitamins and supplements are all about—something you take to make you healthier now and stay healthy for the future. Pharmaceuticals are very different—you take them to “fix” a problem you already have (and oftentimes, the fix is sometimes not a fix and something that creates even worse problems, aka side effects).

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“Smart Drugs:” A Primer

“Smart drugs,” also sometimes called nootropics, are all the rage in Silicon Valley.

Almost everyone has seen or heard of the pill in the movie Limitless that makes Bradley Cooper’s character a verifiable genius who goes from being a loser in a one room apartment to a Master of the Universe after taking a mysterious pill that supercharges his brain.  It’s too bad that this probably could only happen in a movie (at least for now!) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t supplements that can really improve your brain health!

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