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Supplematix combines best-in-class ingredients from natural and Ayurvedic sources with physician validated science.
Become the best version of you. Naturally.

Daily Sustained Energy.

Lightning promotes a unique boost to long and short term energy throughout the day with wakeful relaxation. This is truly a super stack which helps increase your energy naturally and without caffeine. It combines Ayurvedic and Asian herbs with adaptogens that help you cope with stress. This formula contains rhodiola, L-Theanine, ashwagandha, panax ginseng and magnolia berry.

The Nootropic for Enhanced Cognitive Support.

Brain health and nutrition is one of the core missions at Supplematix and one of the main reasons we started the company. So to help support your cognitive abilities and overall brain health, we’ve put together what we believe to be the best supplement formulation for brain health on the market.  Our formula contains three Ayurvedic herbs, bacopa monnieri, shankpushpi and jyothismati; L-theanine to promote wakeful relaxation and biologically derived Noopept to create one potent pill.

Why Supplematix?

Physician Formulated

Effective: Clinically studied ingredient selections and combinations

Safe: Reviewed for interactions by our science team lead by our Chief Scientific Officer, who is one of the top cardiac surgeons in the country

Honest Labeling

No vague or overreaching promises like the other guys—just the facts!

Open source—you see exactly what ingredient and how much of that ingredient is in our supplements on our Supplement Facts label


Did everybody in the supplement industry forget about value? We pack more active ingredients into our formulations than our competitors AND we do it a price that’s at least 20% less than our competitors and approximately 50% less than if you bought each ingredient separately at the cheapest price online at Amazon or online.

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What happy customers say

“Best bang for the buck on Laser!!!  I love the way I feel. I don’t have anxiety and have more memory and can accomplish so much more in a day.”

Carlos C., Owner, Web Design and Marketing Agency in Florida

“I love the product. It started working for me where I could feel a real difference with the first dose. I will be buying this product again and again!”

– Jen M., Project Manager at Leading Real Estate Firm in Manhattan

“Using the product for a few weeks now, and I am noticing subtle but significant improvement in my focus and memory. I plan to keep using the product.”

– Paul T., Professor Emeritus in New York

“I’ve suffered from fatigue for my adult life and I’ve tried a range of supplements over the years to combat this with little success.  I was told about Lightning when visiting my family in the US and I loved the Ayurvedic concept so I tried a month’s sample to test the waters.  After a couple of days taking Lightning, I noticed a material difference in how alert I felt and a sharp increase in my stamina; so much so that I am now a monthly subscriber!”

– Giles G., Investment Manager in Manchester, UK

“Laser and Lightning are great products that improve my daily productivity.  Also appreciate the company philosophy of transparency and giving their customers good value for the money. I am a fan of this company, its management team and its products.”

– Owen M., CEO, Investment Banking Firm in Manhattan

Our Story

We believe in using naturally sourced and science-based ingredients in our supplements. Our labeling is clean and transparent so you know exactly what and how much is in our capsules. Open sourced labeling and no artificial fillers or additives are core to our brand.

We also believe that our customers should be getting value from our products.  We got sick and tired of seeing supplements with 100mg of one active ingredient and a bunch of useless fillers and sugars with slick marketing being touted as the next big thing for your health for $50 and up per bottle.  Our formulas contain optimal levels of only clinically-researched and effective nutrients you need without unnecessary fillers and additives used in many other brands.  The result is superior nutritional supplements at the best value possible.  Sure these ingredients cost more to produce, but we are all about delivering the best physician formulated supplements to you at the best value.